At Solutions Embassy we operate a zero-tolerance approach to abuse, ensuring that our top priority is that the people who use our services are safe against such behaviour.

Access our ‘Assuring Safety Process‘; a diagram which sets out the actions that have been implemented to ensure that we can identify and deal, quickly and effectively, with any safeguarding issues that arise.

Safeguarding our Customers

Our safeguarding committee have been developing our strategies and practices to improve the safety and wellbeing of people we support.

We have developed staff knowledge of the Care Act, improved our internal systems and made better use of technology to support staff when making decisions about safeguarding people.

You can also read about our future plans on our website to find out how we plan to develop staff knowledge and skills in new areas of risk including radicalisation and modern slavery, develop our approach in using root cause analysis, and develop approaches that use the ethos ‘what could go wrong rather than what has gone wrong.’